Is the Onewheel Pint Worth It?

Is the Onewheel Pint Worth It?

Riding an electric skateboard and hoverboard can be a little tricky for a beginner.  The exotic appearance looks intimidating, and not only that, you need to get acquainted with the built-in control system and get used to the new experience.

If you are a newbie skateboarder, you might be struggling to get the perfect balance on a four-wheeled board.

It looks easy. But the reality is quite different.

It’s incredible how these floating fellows with only two wheels can be much easier to balance than their four-wheeled cousins.

Well, How About a OneWheel Board?

This modern board seems to be the most intimidating of all, yet in reality, the friendliest and most innovative.

However, you will still have to befriend it before you stroll together.

Nowadays, surfing a one-wheeled board is made possible by Onewheel, a brand owned by Future Motion.

Let us review their latest product, Pint, to find out if it’s worth buying.

Onewheel Pint – Overview

Onewheel Pint is an electric skateboard with only one wheel. The wheel is placed at the centerboard with front and back panels that you can put your feet on. The motor is found inside the wheel itself, wirelessly connected to a smartphone app for control purposes.

You can use the remote control app on your smartphone to set your riding preference, like how it should move and stop. The electronic system works to provide a self-balance mechanism for an easy ride, especially for beginners.

The Pint has a white LED headlight and a red LED backlight for night visibility. The footpad has a light bar to show your battery state and sensors to recognize your intention to move, turn, or stop.

Can Onewheel Pint Go Off-Road?

When you ride the Pint, you will feel as though you are snowboarding or surfing. The impact of the ground is well distributed across the panel, so it’s still smooth on bumpy roads. It is also perfect for cracked pavement, grassland, gravel, and other off-road surfaces.

If you’re wondering whether or not it can go on the sand, it depends on the thickness or softness of the sand. Yes, the Pint can cruise the sand surface along the beach except on desert-style areas.

How to Ride the Onewheel Pint by Future Motion

The self-balancing feature of the Pint helps you get your feet on the footpad and learn to ride quickly.

To move forward, lean forward by bending your front knee. If you wish to turn, press either your toes or heels. To slow down or stop, lean backward by straightening your front knee and bending your back one.

When riding long distances, always be aware of the remaining battery power on the light bar. If you’re running at its top speed and the battery runs out, the Pint automatically stops. It serves as a safety feature to protect you from going out of hand.

OneWheel Pint Advantages

There are two ways to determine the advantages of Onewheel Pint, and that is by comparing them either with conventional skateboards or with its big brother Onewheel XR.

Large Wheel and Off-Road Capability

With other skateboards, including electric skateboards, Onewheel Pint has the edge. Its larger wheel makes it move quietly and smoothly, unlike skateboards that whir heavily as they accelerate.

Among its features, its off-road capability stands out. It is like the APV of all boards. You can ride along a ditch like a skateboard on a skating ramp. It is also high enough to tolerate a muddy surface.

Light and Comfortable

The only type of board that you can appropriately compare with this model is the Onewheel XR. We’ll get to that in a second. However, each of them has its pros and cons.

Onewheel Pint is light and handy. It has a magnetic handle (or maghandle, as the manufacturer calls it) attached to the wheels so that you can carry it like a sling bag.

It’s only 27 inches long, 3 inches shorter than Onewheel XR. As a result, it provides a narrower stance for added comfort. Plus, the shorter board makes the Pint a little bit rounder for better maneuverability.

Super Affordable

Thanks to the size reduction, the pint is more affordable than the XR. You can get it for at least $800 cheaper than the XR board.

Disadvantages of the Onewheel Pint

Let’s talk about Pint’s disadvantages compared with general skateboards and the Onewheel XR.

Still Expensive For Skateboarders

The price point of Onewheel is $950. Although it is much cheaper than its big brother XR, the Pint is still expensive in the eyes of skateboard enthusiasts. You can buy several skateboards for $950 or use that amount with more important things other than just the thrill of surfing on a one-wheeled board.

Limited Stunts and Tricks

In addition, the tricks and stunts you can do with the Pint are limited, unlike with skateboards which can be used for kickflipping, grinding, and ollieing.

Also, the Pint requires a similar learning curve you’d need when starting skateboarding.

Speed, Battery, and Range

XR is by far has more advantages over the Pint. For example, Onewheel XR has a top speed of 19 mph, while the Pint has only 16 mph. On top of that, the battery range can reach 12 to 18 miles, which is double compared to the Pint’s 6 to 8 miles.

Another disadvantage of the Pint is the charging time. The company says that the charging time is 120 minutes. However, the XR charges in 110 minutes – not a huge difference but still more is more!

So is it Worth It?

Onewheel Pint may be the humble version of XR. It is designed for people who wish to experience the famous OneWheel without breaking their bank. However, 16mph with a range of 8 miles is not bad for those who simply want to get a cruise going.

It’s a great introduction to the OneWheel technology.

After all, nothing more matters than your satisfaction and wellbeing. So do your due diligence and don’t act in haste!

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