Are Zumiez Longboards Good?

Are Zumiez Longboards Good?

Longboards have evolved from skateboards into a different niche with many types of models. As they become prevalent, more and more brands are producing their own versions.

Today, it becomes difficult for newbies to separate the good from the bad. But if you are a veteran longboarder, you must have known several brands that stand out.

Though you might not have tried them all, you’re probably aware of the most popular longboard brand that many longboarding enthusiasts consider the best one.

Many reviews express that Zumiez is the best brand of longboards so far among the community of longboard enthusiasts. So let’s get to know the brand to find out why it is as good as people say it is.

What Is Zumiez?

Zumiez is a large multinational company based in Seattle, Washington. It manufactures and distributes high-quality longboards around the world. With 698 stores across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, Zumiez is considered the market leader in the industry.

The company, founded by Gary Haakenson and Tom Champion, has been producing sports products for more than 40 years. Their humble beginning was at the Northgate Mall in Seattle.

The company’s name was “Above the Belt,” which only became “Zumiez” several years later.

Today, the company headquarters is in Lynwood, Washington. The CEO is Richard Brooks.

Although Zumiez is a known manufacturer of longboards, they are also a known brand in skating, biking, motocross, and snowboarding. In addition, they offer a wide array of sports products such as footwear, backpacks, helmets, gloves, goggles, belts, socks, underwear, snowboard boots, and more.

Zumiez Longboard Stores

Zumiez is not a mere street vendor of longboards. Instead, it is an organized chain of massive specialty stores with exquisite amenities.

Have you ever been to one of their longboard stores? If so, you must have witnessed that they have a video game station inside where you can sit on comfortable couches. They also have some space where you can socialize with like-minded people who buy the same products you love.

Each store is around 2900 sq feet.


Zumiez is also a self-sponsored organizer of a global contest for amateur skaters called “Best Foot Forward.” This program is part of their mission to promote skating as a sport rather than a mere hobby. The contest is held in 335 cities across the globe, where anyone is free to join.

Customer Care

Zumiez offers warranties depending on brands and product lines. But the store has a fantastic exchange and return policy. For example, if you return merchandise within 30 days, you will receive a gift card amounting to the total purchase price on your original receipt.

Zumiez Longboards

Zumiez offers various types of quality longboards. Below are some of the models they sell:

Top Mount Longboards

This type of longboard is suitable for those who are obsessed with speed but are overly cautious. It runs smoothly even when accelerating. The mount boards are made of fiberglass, maple, and bamboo for more stability.

Drop Down Longboards

The Zumiez drop-down longboards typify a well-balanced lowered sports car that runs smoothly even when turning abruptly. They are easy to ride, stable, and comfortable. They’re the best type of longboard for beginners who make their first cruise at high speed.

Pintail Longboards

Some pintail longboards look like just other skateboards, but this one from Zumiez is far different. It almost looks like a surfboard. The reason for this design is to provide a smooth cruising experience, especially when carving downhill. In addition, it is maneuverable and stable.

Drop Through Longboards

If you’re looking for a board that is easy to push and stop, the Zumiez drop-through longboard is perfect for you. All parts work to reduce the concentration of gravity in one area and distribute it evenly across the deck so that you can ride the board with less stress on your hips.

Bamboo Longboards

Zumiez has also designed a longboard for those who wish to ride with more flex and durability. The material is from bamboo wood. This material makes this board light and handy. Plus, it’s eco-friendly.

Are All Zumiez Boards Genuine?

Unquestionably, Zumiez does not sell fake boards. The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. They are willing to return your full payment for a defective product.

Moreover, Zumiez is a huge company that doesn’t need to cheat to make money. They even spend a lot of money on non-profit programs such as “Best Foot Forward.”

There may be complaints and negative reviews on their products, but these are normal in every business. Unfortunately, no enterprise is ever perfect.

Nowadays, it seems complicated to find a brand that doesn’t have negative reviews and comments. Complaints are everywhere. If not, the call center industry would never need to exist.

Are Zumiez Longboards Best for Beginners?

Since all Zumiez longboards are built for stability and a comfortable riding experience, they are ideal for beginners.

The fact that the company has been sponsoring an amateur skateboard competition for many years signifies its commitment to help beginners grow in longboarding and similar areas where their products play a vital role.

Are Zumiez Penny Boards Good for Beginners?

Not all beginners may find Zumiez penny boards helpful. These boards are specially designed for kids who may find it challenging to ride a full-size longboard. In addition, they are too small for teens and adult beginners to balance on.

Nonetheless, if the beginners are young children, penny boards are the right boards for them.

Final Words

Zumiez longboards may not be the perfect boards you’re looking for, but they are good when it comes to durability. That is why the company has an exchange and return policy to make their customers feel that their longboard products should last long.

Yes, Zumiez indeed receives some negative feedback about their products. Who doesn’t? What is essential is that the company is willing to address every problem that is reported to them.

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