Are Zumiez Skateboards Good?

Are Zumiez Skateboards Good?

If you are searching for your first skateboard or a gift for a skateboarder, you might be wondering where to start. Skateboards can be confusing if you don’t know much about them. Going to a store like Zumiez might be a good option for a beginner or gift giver. 

So, are Zumiez skateboards good?

Zumiez skateboards are good, but they have many pros and cons. There is an array of brands to choose from, and the stores are accessible in-person and online. For beginners, they sell complete sets and have popular name brands for sale. 

Is it worth it to buy from Zumiez? Does it make a difference? Let’s take a look. 

Zumiez Top Brands 

Zumiez is a large company that sells name brand skateboards. They also sell apparel, so the boards they have are typically from brands that also sell clothing. A skater just starting should look at these brands, which are sold at Zumiez, as they all sell complete sets that come with everything you need from bearings to grip tape. 


Blind was founded in 1989 by pro skater Mark Gonzales under the World Industries distribution company. Blind is one of the pioneer skateboard companies, so their products are usually industry standard. It’s one of the most well-known skateboard brands out there and is trusted by many pro skaters. Their boards are made of 8ly maple and epoxy resin, as opposed to the standard 7 ply most boards are made of. Blind is popular for complete skateboards, so if you are a beginner or getting a gift, Blind is the way to go. 


Element skateboard brand was founded in 1992 by Jonny Schilereff. If you’re into skateboarding, you have heard of Element. This is another brand that is good for beginners or a gift. A complete kit is pretty affordable at Zumiez, usually under $100. Element uses 7 ply maple for their boards. Their boards are on the thicker side, ensuring that they won’t break easily. 

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Skateboards has been around the longest, founded in 1973. It’s one of the oldest and most trusted board brands still on the market. They are one of the original skateboard manufacturers and continue to be successful today. Zumiez sells many of their products. Their boards come in bright colors, and if you’re looking for nostalgia, you can purchase one in the kicktail cruiser style. Santa Cruz makes their boards from 100% North American Maple. 


A little newer to the scene, enjoi, with a lower-case e, was founded by skater Marc Johnson in 2000, and Dwindle Distribution owns the company. Enjoi has been putting out durable quality boards ever since. They specialize in boards made of maple wood and epoxy resin glue and are stronger than the industry standard. They’re known for their classic black, and white panda logo found on most of their boards. Another great option you can’t go wrong with at Zumiez. 


Girl Skateboards was founded in 1993 by Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze. The majority of the products from this company are professionally endorsed, so you know you’re getting something good. Another brand that Zumiez sells skateboards of, as well as clothing.

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DGK, short for Dirty Ghetto Kids, is another brand of skateboards Zumiez sells. Founded in 2002 by Stevie Williams, it is now a multi-million dollar brand with a great reputation. DGK products are for the more casual skater, so if you are new to the game or don’t plan on getting too serious, this is the brand for you.  


Superior skateboard company was founded in the 1990s. They make boards made out of 7 ply maple wood. Superior uses a single deck mold, with a special glue called “Stiff Glue Xtra.” It’s the best skateboard deck glue on the market. They take pride in consistency in their products and ensuring every board rides the same exact way. 


ATM was founded by Marc Gonzales and John Falahee in 1992, and it is owned by SOP Distribution. This is another brand that focuses on the more leisurely skateboarder. The boards are made of lightweight 7 ply maple wood, and they are sturdy with flexibility. These boards are also great for tricks and intense riding. ATM sells boards made for beginners and in complete sets, as well. 

This is only a sampling of the brands that sell at Zumiez, but these would be the boards to check out if you are looking to shop there. All brands listed are sold as complete sets at Zumiez or on their website. Since they are well-known brands, you will be getting a quality product no matter which you choose. 

Are Zumiez Skateboards Good?

Buying from Zumiez

Many skaters prefer to purchase at local skate shops they hang out at, endorsed by their favorite skaters, or are sponsored by their favorite brand. This is not an option for everyone, and Zumiez is an accessible company to buy from. 

Even if you cannot get to the store, they offer a wide selection of products online, including complete skateboard sets, so you do not have to pick and choose the parts. 

Since Zumiez is a large company, they have all of the name brands that are well known and endorsed by professional skates. If you go to the brick and mortar store, there is a counter with employees well versed in skate products to help you. 

As far as the price goes, Zumiez is reasonable. You can buy a complete skateboard set with everything you need for less than $100, which is great for a beginner board. You’re buying from a reputable source, so you know you’re getting quality products, but it is all mainstream products.

Typically, skate brands will give smaller shops exclusive items, and Zumiez doesn’t get that kind of thing. So, if you’re looking for something unique and exclusive, you probably won’t find that at Zumiez.

So, Are Zumiez Skateboard Good?

The short answer is yes, Zumiez skateboards are good. Zumiez doesn’t have their own brand, but the brands they sell are excellent brands founded by pro skaters. If you don’t want to do a lot of research before diving into buying your first skateboard, check out Zumiez.

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To sum it up, Zumiez is a fine place to shop if you are a beginner or shopping for a gift and don’t know much about skateboarding. They sell well-known brands that put out great products that you can rely on. However, you won’t be finding anything unique at Zumiez, and it will be standard products. 

The best part of Zumiez is that you can buy online and purchase complete skateboard sets, which is perfect for beginners. If you’re buying a gift and the idea of going to a local shop is intimidating, there’s usually a Zumiez in the mall waiting to help you.

Are Zumiez skateboards good? Yes. Once you start to figure out what brands you like, going to a local shop specializing in that brand will be best to talk to experts on that brand and access exclusive items. Wherever you plan to shop, Zumiez has good skateboards.

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