What are The Easiest Longboards to Ride?

Easiest longboard to ride.

If you’re looking for a specific product, this article is not exactly what you want to be reading. There are many longboards and longboards brands on the market that tailor to first-time riders. 

In this article, we will help you identify what makes a longboard easy to ride. We will provide you with recommendations of boards that we have deeply researched suited for beginners with that information.

Sound good? Let’s go.

Our Longboard Recommendations

As mentioned earlier, many boards are available in the market, but it is difficult for beginners to know which one will suit them best. We went ahead and compiled 3 of our best longboards that are fit for beginners and provide easy riding.

1. Atom Drop Through Longboard

This board has a regular shape and is excellent for people who want to start easy on their first board. The 41″ length to the extremely solid build provides users of all heights and weights the stability they are looking for when riding their first longboard. In many reviews around the internet, this board comes in as one of the best longboards for beginners, with many reviews boasting its longevity, comfort, and smooth-riding around town.

2. Arbor Drop Cruiser Flagship 38.”

We recommend this board often as it comes in strong for beginners. It’s a relatively stiff board that favors heavy, tall, and new riders as the board has less flex providing you more stability when riding. Also, just like the Atom Drop Through Longboard, it’s quite long, providing riders with more room to place their feet and get planted on the board. Thanks to its low ride height, it makes for the perfect longboard for beginners, as the closer you are to the ground, the more stable you are and the easier it is to push your longboard.

3. Sector Nine Aperture Sidewinder Complete Longboard

This is the ultimate longboard for riders looking for a challenge while enjoying the ease of riding, thanks to its 36″ build and low center of gravity. Many reviews on the internet, as you’ll find, consider this a great longboard for beginners and the best longboard on the market. We like to avoid making such claims, but from Sector 9’s brand reputation, consistent innovation, and customer satisfaction to the thousands of reviews online about their longboards, it’s safe to say this board is a great choice for beginners looking for an easy ride.

Drop Down vs. Drop Through Decks

In every best longboard for beginners’ recommendation, you’ll find a range of drop or drop-through decks. You need to understand what these are before you make your buying decision. You must know what type of riding experience you are after. If you’re into high-speed, hill bombing, which more than likely you won’t be as a beginner, then this range of decks is not recommended for you.

What Is The Difference Between a Drop Down and Drop-Through Deck?

Drop-through longboards are a type of longboard that has the deck mounted on the truck, and the wheels are in between. This design is easier to ride and allows for more stability than a drop-deck.

Longboards have many different types of decks, but the most common ones recommended for beginners are drop deck and drop through.

A difference between these two is that a drop deck has the board’s tail higher up so that it can be dropped down onto it when riding; whereas, on a drop-through board, the truck goes through the deck so you can ride on top of it without having to lower your center of gravity. The benefit of this is that pushing long distances is easier as the distance between the board and the ground is shorter.

Quick-Fire Tips On Longboarding as a Beginner

Although longboarding is considered a relatively easy sport to get started with when compared to skateboarding, you should know that the process is still challenging, and it could be some time until you’re bombing hills and carving long roads. Here are three what we would consider common-sense tips, but common sense has become quite uncommon these days.

Get Educated And Practice Your Way Up

Longboarding is not just about riding. It’s about style. The best way to learn how to longboard would be to find a good video tutorial and practice as much as possible. Don’t throw yourself onto a steep hill and expect that the skills will just come to you. Just like with anything, first learn to crawl and work your way up to high-speed riding.

Go easy with your first purchase.

Don’t try to be too unique with your first longboard purchase. Often people become excited and start investing in custom-designed products with next-level specs. You want to go with a reputable brand, a well-recommended product, and one that does not break your bank.

Do not forget your safety gear.

Longboarding is an extreme sport, so you will need to ensure that you have protection on your head, hands, feet, and any other body parts that might get scraped up while sliding downhills.

How To Choose The Easiest Longboard For You?

For those of you who are just getting into longboarding, buying your first board may seem overwhelming at first. There are various shapes, sizes, and styles available-and they all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

We recommend narrowing your search down to drop or drop-through decks. These boards make for easy cruising and always come recommended for beginners. This makes your longboard hunt a lot easier, but that’s not all.

You want to find a board that will suit your height and weight, as well as your skating experience level.

You can refer to our top 3 recommendations as each of them tailor to all types of riders – short to tall, light to heavy, and beginner to experienced.

We hope this guide makes it easier for you to find the longboard you require to provide you with the smooth-riding experience you are looking for, and you keep our quick-fire tips in mind to save you from any kind of injury or mistakes.

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