Why Is Onewheel So Expensive?

Why is the OneWheel so expensive?

One of the newest and most expensive boards on the market is a board called the Onewheel. With a $950 price tag for the Onewheel Pint and $1,799 for the Onewheel XR, you know that these boards are worth a fortune, especially for budget-conscious people who are willing to make do with cheaper brands.

Despite the premium price, there is a growing community of Onewheel boarders, and their numbers are multiplying as though the Onewheel was affordable. 

So let’s get to the bottom of why they are so expensive and what you are paying for if you pull the trigger and buy one.


We know that no other company makes boards this advanced in the industry at the moment. Future Motion, the originator and manufacturer of Onewheel, invested a considerable amount of money in conceptualizing it to make this board the best.

Conceptualization is not merely a work of imagination. It entails experiments and trials. For instance, to test the durability of a board, you need to break several units to come up with a conclusion.

Keep in mind that research and development for sophisticated products are not done in a laboratory where wasted materials can be managed by hand. 

Production Lines

Let’s say that buying the production machinery is not included in the price, but there is still a cost of operating it. In addition, aside from electricity and other fuel sources, maintenance is costly.

The machines and industrial robots are like cars that require periodic tune-ups. If you find it expensive to maintain your vehicle, a sophisticated production line will leave you with a headache when you find out how expensive it is.


If you ever imagine trying to assemble the Onewheel Pint or the Onewheel XR, you will probably think twice when you see the price of the parts. The slim steel alone would cost you $60 and $85 for a wheel fender. The Maghandle is already $50.

The manufacturer does not buy all these materials as prefab, which they can buy anywhere at a lower price. Instead, they are custom-made for Onewheel.

If third-party manufacturers produce the materials, they must have transferred the cost of producing them to the principal manufacturer. As a result, Future Motion uses high-quality materials that are unquestionably expensive.

Human resources

Have you ever wondered who is involved in producing Onewheel? If you are a manufacturer of hi-tech gadgets, you will need to hire a knowledgeable and talented engineer, and it would cost you a good amount of money to pay for his competitive salary. Future Motion invests heavily in its quality workforce to produce premium-grade products such as the Onewheel.

Why is the Onewheel so expensive?

Administrative Costs

There is no free lunch in producing something that will generate a profit. You need to pay taxes and administrative costs such as accounting and legal fees. The processing and renewal of documents and other related permits are taken care of to meet the required standard for product safety and consumer satisfaction.


Onewheel is not something you purchase and pick up from the manufacturer’s warehouse. Instead, it involves logistics and marketing. Because the company is proud of its innovative invention, it doesn’t hesitate to spend considerable money on advertising and other marketing campaigns.

That is why people have come to know that an amazing board like the Onewheel XR is now on the market. Were it not for such investment, we wouldn’t have known it exists.


Future Motion doesn’t merely sell products and forget them after the sale. The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Their investment does not end with creating a fantastic product. It continues to spend x amount of dollars to ensure consumers are satisfied.

It is evident with the service they provide after the sale is made. Onewheel Pint and Onewheel XR have a warranty of 12 months, which means that the company is spending for parts and materials to be given away for free during such a period.


A high price for originality is typical for any enterprise that produces a unique product on the market. For example, even in the pharmaceutical industry, an on-patent medicine is sold at a high price for 25 years to protect the patent from piracy.

This same rule applies to the tech industry. When an original trademark becomes off-patent, more and more manufacturers can produce the same type of product, thereby making the price lower and affordable. Therefore, Onewheel, being the original in the market, deserves its price tag.

User Benefits

Future Motion does not only sell a piece of metal. It also sells an unforgettable experience. It isn’t easy to buy sensation and satisfaction, but the company sells it at a fixed price without fixing its value for a particular user.

But if you try to calculate the practical benefits you will gain from riding the comfort of Onewheel; you will have a clue how much value you will get from the price you have paid for.

For example, riding the Onewheel Pint will get you to your school and save you money intended for bus fare or petrol if you were to use a car instead.

People are willing to spend on a new model of iPhone only to replace it after a year or two. When you buy a Onewheel, you can use it for an easy five to six years.

Come to think of it. Some people are even willing to spend billions of dollars only to experience space travel without any practical benefit. But the same level of unique sensation coupled with functional benefits in riding either the  Onewheel XR or the Onewheel Pint makes a few hundred dollars inexpensive.

Is Onewheel Cost-Effective?

Onewheel is cost-effective. It’s not for everyone, especially for those who only want to make do with whatever is in their budget range. But if you are capable of and willing to spend for a fantastic experience, Onewheel may not be that expensive for you.

The quality of experience you will get from Onewheel can be much more valuable than its price tag.

If you’re still unsure, there are other electric skateboards and electric longboards that be a better option. 

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