What Is The Best Longboard For Pumping? Here’s What The Pros Say

The Best Longboard For Pumping

Longboarding: A sport that gives you the amplifying feeling of cruising sideways and feeds the adrenaline junkie in you. Needless to say, such an adventurous sport requires the best gear one can buy to ensure their safety. The plethora of choices available in the market has made the buying process really confusing for the consumers. If you’re into longboard “pumping” you may have some extra thing to consider for your next longboard.

How is Longboard Pumping Different From Traditional Boarding?

Pumping is a method for increasing the board’s speed without actually touching the ground with your feet. You can gain momentum by swaying sideways, which then helps you boost your speed.

Whether you are just getting started or are a pro rider looking for gear upgrades, this article will make the choice easy for you. Let us know more!

Best Longboard For Pumping Product Summary

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo LongboardsBuy Here
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Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard Buy Here
Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboard Buy Here
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Best Longboard For Pumping Research Criteria 

Each longboard comes with specific mounts which serve different purposes in accordance with different situations. When shopping for the best longboard for pumping for yourself, keep in mind to analyze the following parameters before purchasing. 

  • Deck flex- A flexible deck allows for smooth rides even on rough terrain. If your longboard’s ground clearance is low, you can push easily while balancing your center of gravity. 
  • Deck style –Decks come in two variants: Top mount and drop-through deck. The former has a trunk attached to its bottom, which gives the rider more grip when speeding. Professional longboarders use it. On the contrary, the drop-through deck is closer to the ground and is more stable. 
  • Deck- The higher the deck, the more challenging it is to slow down. The length of the board is also a crucial factor in determining how well-balanced the board is. 
  • Trucks-  Reverse kingpin trucks are the best for pumping. They offer excellent stability and are highly versatile. Furthermore, ensure that the size of the hanger is in line with the width of the board. 
  • Bushings- A cone shape bushing will provide added stability when turning but can also lose equilibrium at high speeds. 
  • Wheels- Wheels made of premium quality materials can offer great grip as they stay in contact with the ground. The taller the wheels, the more area they will cover up, thus boosting your speed to a higher level. 
  • Bearings- If you want to steer clear of the hassle of having to change and maintain your wheels using a lube every day, then you should go for ceramic bearings. The only downside to these is their high cost.

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboards

Loaded Boards has checked all the quality checkboxes with a modem design and high-end construction while manufacturing this board. Buyers get the option to choose between the Orangatang Kegel with violet wheels and the Orangatang Durian with orange-colored wheels. The shock absorption feature of this board is remarkable and provides ample flex and stability.

The only minor downside with the board was the non-durable cork bottom. The board comes covered with grip tapes to prohibit slipping and aiding extra grip. 

Black Longboards Longboard Skateboard

This longboard has an aluminum and maple wood chassis, which is extremely robust. You can maneuver it easily due to its drop-down design. You can choose from a variety of customizations such as Phoenix, Trident, Dagger, and Samurai. 

It is 38 inches in length and comes loaded with 7-inch aluminum trucks. The large 70mm wheels provide excellent grip at high speeds and ensure a smooth ride. 

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard 

This board comes in attractive colors based on 3D graphics. Its Gullwing Sidewinder trucks will make turning and going around corners a piece of cake. Additionally, it comes with Vector 9 Abec 5 bearings and 69 mm 80A 9-balls for a comfortable grip. 

The only disadvantage to this product was its paint which starts to chip off after prolonged usage. 

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboard

This board has a concave cutout and is built using premium Canadian wood.  Its drop-down concave design ensures that you do not slip while cruising. Furthermore, the manufacturers have added a kicktail which makes it stiff and easily maneuverable. It has 51mm wheels which are encompassed by stainless steel bearings. 

PHOEROS Longboard Skateboard

This 41-inch long longboard is perfect for enthusiasts who are looking for a balance of speed and stability. PHOEROS has also equipped this board with a waterproof layer of emery sandpaper. It can hold up to 330 pounds and can easily glide through rough concrete. 

Premium quality materials make this deck highly durable and long-lasting. You can pick any from the four contemporary designs offered by the brand: Color diamond, PP, green diamond, and power grid. 

Best Longboard For Pumping FAQs

How fast can you go on a longboard?

The average speed of a longboard while cruising ranges from 6-9 mph. Factors like riding style, slope, gear, and your speed tuck also affect your rate. For instance, one can even reach speeds up to 50-60mph if riding on a downhill slope.

Cruisers Vs. Longboards Which one is faster?

Cruiser boards are generally shorter than longboards and have better stability. Hence, they can pick up speed relatively quickly when compared to a longboard. 

Is longboarding a good physical activity?

This sport not only helps you attain greater levels of flexibility but is also considered a great aerobic activity as per the experts. You can burn up to 6 calories per minute while longboarding. 

Pro Tip- To improve pushing on a longboard, keep your center of gravity on the front foot while slanting sideways at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Then push the ground and reposition yourself. Practice this more often to get better. 


If you want the desired results, then choosing the right longboard is highly imperative. While all the longboards mentioned in this list are the best in their domain, the Loaded board bamboo longboard gets a slight edge due to its radical design and features. We hope that you find this list useful. With the proper body motion and rhythm, you can easily crusade on a longboard and enjoy this sport with ease. 

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